Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please note, the following conditions will be monitored and enforced. Anybody not co-operating will be asked to leave. They may appear harsh and strange, but we are hoping, the sooner we adapt, the sooner we will be back to normal.

  1. If we suspect you to be drunk or incoherent, entry will not be granted.

  1. No cash refunds will be available on a No Show.

  1. Tables reservations are restricted to no more than two households, as per current government guidelines. It is your responsibility to adhere to this as we will be unable to check. By reserving and paying for a reservation, you automatically accept this.

  1. If you are unwell, please stay at home and comply with COVID-19 government regulations.

  1. Table reservations are limited to 2.5hr sittings.

  1. On arrival, to avoid congestion, please queue outside, to the right of Eden, in front of the garden railings using the allocated floor markings.

  1. Please arrive NO LATER than 30 minutes after the start of your reserved time slot, as the doors will be closed after this.

  1. On entry, please show your booking reference, which will have been sent to you once the table is reserved and paid.

  1. Please use the hand sanitizer on entry, as well as throughout your visit at Eden. Hand Sanitizer is available in various locations, as well as face masks, should you wish to purchase one.

  1. A table will be allocated to you on arrival. This will be YOUR SPACE during your visit at Eden.

  1. Tables must not be moved, or seats added, at any time.

  1. Your drinks order will be taken on arrival by one of our team, and served at your table. DO NOT approach the bar. A reordering method will be explained to you on arrival. These drinks must be paid via contactless.

  1. For your safety, please remain at your table for the duration of your visit, unless to use the toilet or smoking area. When using these areas, please use common sense to avoid overcrowding, and keep your distance.

  1. Background music will be set at an appropriate level to avoid shouting, as it is believed shouting creates increased droplets. We will be unable to increase the volume at anytime.

  1. You will be allowed to leave at any time during your reservation, but will not be allowed re-entry.

  1. Last orders will be called 30 minutes before the end of your sitting.

  1. At the end of the sitting, customers will be asked to leave by table, to avoid congestion. Please be ready to leave, as the team have to prepare and sanitize tables for the next sitting.